Dr. Prenticesidinei de Oliveira with his vast knowledge about the problems caused by Snoring and Sleep Apnea, has developed an intra-oral appliance based on studies and research with US equipment.


The Snoring and Apnea are caused by improper positioning of the lower jaw during sleep. When we sleep, there is a natural relaxation of the structure and oral jaw drop. When accentuated and beyond the normal limits causes the partial closure of the respiratory tract, causing the snore due to forced passage of air inhaled by the narrowed airway. (See more on page Snore).

In a few moments during sleep in patients with problems of snoring, can occur the called apnea which is the total closure of the airways and preventing the passage of breathing air. A healthy body naturally avoids death by asphyxiation causing the so-called "choking night" or "reflux" and thus the victim of apnea wakes up and resets to sleep again. (See more on page Apnea).


The function of the Intra-Oral Anti-Snoring and Apnea device, in a simple and practical, is to keep the lower jaw properly in its original position thus avoiding the occurrence of snore or apnea, providing a quiet night's sleep for both patients and to their families.

The Anti-Snoring and Apnea device developed by Dr. de Oliveira Prenticesidinei treats both snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), advancing the jaw forward. It is a device tailor made consisting of upper and lower dental plaque with a single coupling mechanism. If necessary, one component can be added to make the device adjustable by providing adjustable levels and incremental advancement of the jaw, which improves the effectiveness and comfort level of treatment, as the jaw is moved only in so far as is necessary to relieve snoring and eliminate the risk of OSA.


The Intra-Oral Anti-Snoring and Apnea device is composed of 1 mm acetate frame and stainless steel spring and manufactured using the most modern techniques for production of prostheses.


The patient goes through a process of complete evaluation and documentation, using the diagnostic imaging processes required to manufacture a device completely specific to each person. Thus, the device is customized, cost-effective, has great acceptance and provides excellent results without the need of using expensive and sophisticated equipment or means as invasive surgery.

A good night's sleep allows a productive day, helps to prevent a number of accidents and harmful occurrences to the individual happiness.


Our health professionals bring to you and to the Brazilians what is the most modern and secure in the Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea!

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